How to use Advanced Custom Fields On WordPress Archive Page


The Advanced Custom Fields plugin is a handy way to extend the capabilities of your WordPress posts and pages to provide owners with an efficient way to update content on complex, customized layouts.

Today we will learn how to display ACF fields on archive pages. I want to show a custom field on my acrhive-team.php template. So login into my WordPress site dashboard then clicks the “Pages” menu now you can see all of your pages. Mouse hover over the page name or “Edit” my page name is “Teams”

When you hover over the page name you can see a link right side below of your screen. “YourSiteName/wp-admin/post.php?post=” after that will see a numeric value which unique ID of your page and you need this id.

Now you have to echo the custom field in your archive page template in my case “archive-teams.php” the code is

<?php the_field('FIELD_NAME', 1727); ?>

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